Hey Millennials, Can’t Find A Job? Blame Your Baby Boomer Parents

millennial daughter with baby boomer mother with father in the background

“Whatever, mom. You’re the reason I can’t even get hired.” | Source: ShutterStock

Can’t find a job? It’s all mom and dad’s fault! Millennials are still at a disadvantage in the job market, and it’s partially because baby boomers won’t retire–forcing millennials to basically battle their baby boomer parents for the same jobs.

Between 2007 and 2013, millennials saw a grown of 0.3 percent in jobs, while the baby boomer generation saw an increase of 9 percent.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson explains, “Confronted by weaker entry-level job prospects, young professionals left the workforce in greater numbers or took lower paying jobs that didn’t take immediate advantage of their degrees. Older workers, on the other hand, often had to postpone retirement to recoup lost savings. Never in history have workers over the age of 55 had the concentration in the workforce they have today; however, employers will have to plan for vacancies when this group inevitably retires, which could quickly create new skills gaps in trade vocations and STEM fields.”

Basically, you’re competing your ma and pa, who have a lot more experience to offer, for the same gigs. And that, well, sucks.

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