Women In India Invent Anti-Rape Pants

closeup of denim jeans zipper and button

Two women in India are making jeans the first line of defense against rape. | Source: ShutterStock

It’s sad that necessity was the mother of this invention: Two women in India worked together to create anti-rape pants. Yes, anti-rape pants.

The New York Post reports that students Diksha Pathak, 21, and Anjali Srivastava, 23, of Varanasi, India, designed a pair of red jeans featuring a small electronic button. That button sends a distress call to the nearest police station when pressed and also acts as a tracking device for police to rush directly to the victim’s location. Approximately 200 police stations in the ladies’ hometown of Varanasi can receive the alarm; lawmakers may force the signal receptors to be expanded nationwide.

The jeans cost about 43 cents, though batteries must be replaced about every three months.

While it’s awesome that female entrepreneurs stepped up to respond to a horrific problem–a problem that’s becoming a depressingly and terrifyingly standard in the culture–Pathak and Srivastava are well-aware that it’s a problem that shouldn’t exist to begin with.

Science student Pathak told Central European News, “We have been thinking of making this device for a long time. My father is often making himself ill with worry each time I am coming home late. These terrible gang rapes of women that we have heard so much about recently shocked me and my colleague to the very core. Hopefully no other women will have to suffer if they are wearing our clothing.”

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