The Hobby Lobby Decision Affects More Than Your Birth Control

Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision

The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision has come under a lot of flak, and deservedly so, for restricting upon women’s reproductive rights. (The Hobby Lobby health insurance plan pays for Viagra and vasectomies, for the record, but not IUDs or Plan B, neither of which will actually terminate a pregnancy.) But the repercussions of this decision extend far beyond the babymaker.

The above infographic demonstrates just how much your corporation’s religious beliefs can impede on your own health and well-being. And before you get all uppity and tell me “Then you should buy another plan” or “You should read what your plan covers,” let me ask you–and be honest with yourself: Have you ever read through Facebook’s terms of service? Or an iTunes agreement? No? Okay then. And do you think most full-time retail employees have the time, resources or education necessary to go through this or hire lawyers to clear it for them? No? And you probably agree then, that this is Obama’s fault, just like the crappy economy that’s preventing them from getting a job with upward mobility, right? (I’m assuming here, but those groups tend to overlap.)

Then by all means, take a seat. Especially if you’re fearful of Sharia Law, because guess what? That could affect your own access to anesthesia someday. And frankly, you probably deserve it for being so shortsighted and ignorant as to let this happen.

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    • falcongirl

      I’m not saying that this was a good decision (it’s bumming me out pretty hard), but the justices were pretty clear that this decision only affects contraception. If Muslim employers don’t want their insurance policies to cover gel cap medication, or a Jehovah’s Witness employers don’t want their insurance policies to cover blood transfusions, or Scientologist employers don’t want their insurance policies to cover mental health treatment, then they’re going to have to go back to court and specifically litigate that Alito’s decision basically rests on the idea that he doesn’t think there will be a flood of employers asking for exemptions to other types of medical treatment (which is depressing for totally different reasons–it basically says that women’s health issues aren’t as important as health issues that affect men because babies). So, maybe the Hobby Lobby decision gets used to deny other types of coverage based on the “sincerely held religious beliefs” of employers, but it’s not a done deal. I just wanted to make sure that was clear, since the article made it sound like, “No, guys, your employer can totes keep you from the doctor just because they don’t believe you should go just cuz.”

    • clarissa

      ummm…ALL Jehovah’s witnesses believe that blood is sacred, and thus shouldnt be used in transfusions. this is a core belief and you cannot qualify for baptism if you do not believe this. Please fact check your posts.

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