Good News, Gamers: Banks And Wall Street Are Using Video Games To Find Employees

young white couple playing video games together in their apartment

Gamers, rejoice: You could have a big bucks banking job on Wall Street soon. | Source: ShutterStock

If you’re looking for a banking job, get your behind to an arcade for some practice, because gamers have a leg up in the industry.

A new company, Pymetrics, designs video games for banking job applicants, and they’re based on neuroscience. Six major banking firms are using Pymetrics (or will soon start) to determine placement for banking hopefuls.

Frida Polli, CEO and co-founder of Pymetrics, told NBC News why their product is necessary. “The recruiting process is a little bit broken. I have yet to meet anybody who thinks the resume is an incredibly great piece of information about anybody, especially when you are 22. What kind of 22-year-old’s resume says anything about them, really?”

The games are non-competitive, that way applicants won’t have to get super aggressive and start using creepy names and death threats the way a lot of psychos do on X-Box Live and the like. Your gaming results will create a profile based on your strengths, and then you’ll be placed accordingly.

Polli explains, “It’s only an upside to students because it’s a sourcing tool. We are going to recommend you to a bank where we see you will be a good fit. But if you want to apply to another bank independently, they will never know that you weren’t a match. It will always feel like a win situation for them … The resume, which really is what LinkedIn is, it’s a searchable place of online resumes, cannot provide the level of information about a candidate that a game-based assessment can where you are uncovering their social and cognitive profile,” Polli continued. “So we are different than what they do and I think it adds that third layer of recommendation engine tools that is sort of missing.”

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