Obamacare Found A Way To Cover Birth Control For Hobby Lobby Employees


President Obama likes the term “Obamacare” for the Affordable Care Act, and now it covers birth control, too. | Source: ShutterStock

Score one for Barack Obama!

Surely you remember the inanity of the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision, right? The decision that the honorable (and fierce and fabulous and adorable) Ruth Bader Ginsburg slayed in her dissent? Yes?

Well, we have an update, ladies!

The White House rolled out a new addition to the birth control mandate portion of the Affordable Care Act, affectionately and mockingly (depending on who you ask) dubbed Obamacare, today, and it’s a good compromise. Because so many religious-minded companies objected to providing birth control to female employees (even those who require it for non-sexual reasons, like PCOS, hormonal imbalances, dysmenorrhea and others), now those companies won’t have to pay for it. Now a third party can pay for contraceptives for women so your sexist cheapskate employers can continue being sexist cheapskates, but not at the expense of your reproductive, sexual or gynecological health.

Thanks Obama!

No, seriously. Thanks. Now just stop droning civilians overseas.

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    • mrparker1

      You’re full of –it. Hobby Lobby has provided oral contraceptive coverage for its employees. The only thing they objected to was paying for IUD’s and ‘morning after’ contraceptives.
      Plan B can be purchased behind the counter by your 14 y/o daughter. Isn’t that great?

      Emperor Zero is the worst president in my lifetime, playing golf while Washington and the world burn. If we had an honest press, he’d be out of office by now. His corrupt regime makes Nixon look like Lincoln.