Going On Vacation Can Actually Get You A Raise

using your vacation time can get you a raise. | Source: ShutterStock

using your vacation time can get you a raise. | Source: ShutterStock

Most of us can use a vacation, and most of us can use a raise. And it turns out, taking time off can actually net you a raise at work. Say what?

“In the U.S. and Canada … for each 10 vacation hours a person took, we found on average that performance reviews were 8 percent higher,” said Maryella Gockel, flexibility strategy leader at EY (via NBC News). Gockel also noted that vacation time slows employee turnover rates and extends employees’ stays at a company by about eight months.

“We all know this intuitively, that we are not performing at our best when exhausted,” senior vice president at the Families and Work Institute Anne Weisberg explained. “Taking a break can bring you back and increase your performance. People on some level understand that. The question is what is the tone being set by the team leader?”

And if you think you’re irreplaceable, well, you’re probably right — but that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to a few days off, because it will actually help your team out and possibly make them realize what an asset you are. Gockel says, “When you delegate to others, other people grow while you are gone. Vacations can be a very important opportunity for others on the team.”

Now hurry up and book a flight already!

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