Workaholic Millennials Take Credit For Other People’s Work

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Ugh, stop making us look bad, millennials.

A new survey reports that millennials confess to be willing to take credit for the work of others, because maybe we’re as terrible as our crotchety 70-something neighbors think.

NBC News reports that in a survey from DDB Marketing reveals that five times as many millennials report taking credit for others’ work than their baby boomer parents’ generation would. Experts think it’s because, well, millennials are—wait for it—entitled brats.

“We know from other studies we’ve done that [millennials] feel entitled to get ahead, they say they deserve it and are special compared to Gen Xers and boomers,” said Denise Delahorne, senior vice president, group strategy director, DDB Chicago said. “Their desire is so strong that some would do something that is morally questionable, or wrong.”

Still, a lack of entitlement may be at play as well, because other experts point out that millennials have to be more cutthroat just to get a job to begin with. “It’s harder to feel entitled because it’s harder to get a job in the first place,” Dan Schawbel, author of Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success and the founder of Millennial Branding, a research and management consulting firm, told NBC. “There’s no way you can feel entitled when you’re living at home.”

Delahorne concedes, “People who are young are working hard at their jobs, and are conscious of the fact that many peers don’t have jobs. They had to work harder to get the jobs they have.”

Millennials are also more likely to self-identify as workaholics.

44 percent of millennials surveyed identified as workaholics, higher than 41 percent of Generation X-ers and 35 percent of boomers. Still, this may be due to varied definitions of “workaholics” among both generations and among individuals. Delahorne notes, “As a boomer I see that word as someone who has to work, someone who always feels the compulsion to be working … Maybe millennials just meant that it is someone who works a lot?”

Or maybe we actually are workaholics because, as Schawbel pointed out, we need to be in order to keep our own jobs.

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