4 Things To Remember When Updating Your Resume


Writing a resume doesn’t have to be hard! | Source: ShutterStock

Resume writing is a pain in the patootie. You don’t want to downplay yourself, but you don’t want to sound like an arrogant jerk. You don’t want to bore the reader, but you also want to be clear that you take your work seriously. And most importantly, you want to be clear that you are the person for the job—or at least the job interview. When you’re sitting down to refresh your resume and update it, whether for a specific position or just in general, keep these things in mind.

Focus on your accomplishments in prior positions, not necessarily on your responsibilities.
If your job is to make photo galleries online, sure, include that. But more important than listing the step-by-step procedure in which you procure your photos is to point out, for example, that one of your galleries was trending for two straight weeks and got 209,000 more hits than anything else on the company’s site ever had. If you need help with ideas for what to write, check out your performance appraisals to see what sticks out as a strength.

Use numbers and details.
Specifics are not only impressive, but they also show that you’re paying attention to detail. Bosses love that.

Keep in touch with your references.
If a past employer or coworker hasn’t heard from you in four years and you list them as a reference, you risk getting a “Wait, who?” when someone calls to check on you. Even if you’re not actively job hunting, if you see, say, a corgi video that an old boss would love, shoot it over with a quick note asking how she’s doing. That way she’ll not only remember you, but she’ll also remember you a little more fondly.

Write more than you think you need to right now.
If you’re not tailoring your resume to a specific job for which you’re applying, write down every detail you can to be sure you’re being as thorough as possible and selling yourself as much as you possibly can. You can always narrow it down later on.

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