Job Posting Sounds Too Good To Be True? 5 Hints That It’s A Job Scam

Unfortunately, most job postings don't come with alerts for when they're actually job scams. | Source: ShutterStock

Unfortunately, most job postings don’t come with alerts for when they’re actually job scams. | Source: ShutterStock

A lot of us love working at home and most of us would love to get rich quick. But unfortunately, job scams are usually hidden in the job listings most likely to make it look like you’ll be loaded with cash for never putting on pants. Aside from basic Googling (which you should always do with any company), here are ways to suss out the legitimate opportunities from the job scams that will leave you broke and potentially in jeopardy with the law.

Does the job listing have a lot of spelling, grammatical errors, typos or other mistakes? Does it lack details?
These are both signs of a job scam. Beware! Plus, do you want to apply to work for a company that can’t be bothered to spellcheck something?

Does a listing (especially for a major corporation or company) have a non-company email address listed as the contact?
If you’re applying for what you think is a job at Verizon or Comcast, the contact email should be or

Does the application ask for your Social Security number, money wiring or credit card information?
Run! This is an identity theft or check fraud scheme, not the job of your dreams.

Does the job listing ask for you to pay cash upfront for something?
Most jobs are to make you money, not charge you for it. If you sign up for a get rich quick scheme, it’s just that: a scheme. Chances are that if you have to pay for a program other than a college course or a franchise, it’s a job scam.

Does the job listing promise a huge payout for almost little to no effort?
If it sounds too good to be true … it’s probably a job scam.

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