4 Super Easy Ways To Get Your LinkedIn Profile Noticed

Learn how to get people to actually look at your LinkedIn profile. | Source: ShutterStock

Learn how to get people to actually look at your LinkedIn profile. | Source: ShutterStock

LinkedIn is a great way to get potential employers to find you—if you’re doing it correctly. Just about everyone has a LinkedIn profile now, so you have to take a few extra steps to make sure that your profile stands out from the sea of other data analysts or chemists or engineers or interior decorators.

Some tips on making your LinkedIn profile stand out so you’re more likely to get recruited and hired:

Don’t list. Brag.
LinkedIn is probably the one social media outlet where bragging, boasting and peacocking isn’t annoying. If you do something awesome at work, whether it be getting a high-traffic piece published, an amazing piece of damage control for client or a huge sale, be sure to say so.

Update your LinkedIn profile often.
Don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile if you get a promotion, nab a new title, make a lateral move, or take on a new side or freelance project.

Include an amazing photo.
Latina magazine notes that LinkedIn profiles that include a photo are 14 times more likely to be viewed than profiles without a picture. Plus, don’t you want everyone to know how goodlooking you are? Of course you do.

If you’re sending a request to connect on LinkedIn, or if you’re requesting an introduction, shoot over In-Mail first.
A lot of LinkedIn users, rightfully so, ignore connection requests from strangers. (Seriously, what use do I have for an Instagram model from Nebraska?) However, if you shoot over a message explaining your connection to the person (“I see that you also know Jenna, who’s an amazing photographer”) or why you want to connect with them (“I’d like to be introduced to Jenna, because she’s an amazing photographer”), they’re more likely to give you a shot.

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