Got Fired? 3 Steps To Bounce Back On Your Next Job Application

If you got fired from your job, you’re probably freaking out a bit, and that’s beyond understandable. While we can’t pay your rent or fill out unemployment insurance forms for you, we do have some advice on bouncing back from getting fired, courtesy of CBS News:

Your resume doesn’t need your entire life story in it.
If you got fired from a job that you only had for a short time (think less than a year), you’re probably better off not even listing it at all. However, if without listing that job it looks like you were unemployed for a long time, you’re better off putting down a crappy job than none at all.

Be honest but tactful on your actual job application.
Don’t leave any jobs off on here. Chances are HR, not a hiring manager, will be the only ones to see it, and if they see you lied or omitted a position, it won’t even get passed on to the next lady in the hierarchy. You don’t need to go into long explanations about why you left, but you also shouldn’t lie and say you quit when you got the boot. It’ll catch up with you if and when they contact your previous employer as a reference.

Be contrite, apologetic and have good hindsight.
If you did something to get fired, don’t blame anyone else. It’s not your coworker’s fault that you stole a bunch of notepads and staplers to take home, even if she did bug you to borrow yours everyday. You won’t appear less guilty, just less likely to hold yourself accountable for your own actions. Admit what you did was wrong without getting defensive, and make it clear that you learned from the experience (and make it clear what you learned)—and make it even clearer that you will never, ever do XYZ again.

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