How To Avoid Healthcare Scams During Open Enrollment


If you’re looking for healthcare, tons of insurance companies have open enrollment right now. The only bad thing about open enrollment for healthcare? Scammers know that there’s open enrollment too, so they come out in full force. Here’s how to make sure you’re getting a legitimate plan and not falling for a healthcare scam.

Don’t buy into phone calls from anyone claiming they’re a government insurance company.
The FTC says that there are not, never were and never will be any phone calls from the government trying to sell you healthcare.

Don’t buy into phone calls about Part D prescription plans—or any prescription plans for that matter.
It’s a scam!

Door-to-door salesmen don’t really sell healthcare.
This is especially true for older citizens eligible for Medicare. These creeps will knock on your door and prey on you. Or, in the more likely case, your parents or grandparents, so be sure to warn them.

Make sure you’re getting actual insurance and not a discount plan.
If you’re not sure, it’s probably not insurance. Check with your state insurance commissioner if you’re on the fence.

If you’re still iffy about anything else:
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