A Job That Can Earn You Six Figures, No College Education Required


Want to earn $100,000 a year without worrying about a pesky thing like a college education? Court reporter jobs are in high demand, a growing industry, and typically start at $35 an hour, with some court reporters nabbing $100,000 a year or more plus benefits.

“There is going to be a demand, and a need, for at least 5,500 new positions over the next three to five coming years,” Sarah Nageotte, president of the National Court Reporters Association told NBC News. Margaret Ortiz, who runs the court reporting program at West Valley College in Saratoga, California, explains some of the appeal: “It’s absolutely a growth industry. You are your own boss, even if you’re in court.”

Ortiz says most of her students have backgrounds in music or language, both of which can be helpful: Court reporters nationally have to be able to type 225 words per minute of multiple speakers. Court reporter training typically takes two years of schooling, some of which can often be completed online, and usually costs a total of about $4,000 for machines and education combined.

That’s a lot less than what a lot of jobless college graduates spent on tuition. And if you didn’t go to school or don’t think your current experience is good enough, you’re probably wrong: Nageotte said even bartenders are great candidates for court reporters because they’re used to problem-solving and multitasking. Now start weighing your options, or at least make me a mint julep to sip from my couch please.

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