The Hillary Clinton ‘Diva Demands’ Are Actually Pretty Basic

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A few conservative-leaning news outlets recently reported on Hillary Clinton having “diva demands” at speaking engagements, for which she also expects, rightfully so, to be paid handsomely. Here’s the thing: When you lead a life like Hillary Clinton, these demands are far from diva-like when you actually look into them. (And bear in mind, I’m saying this as someone who admires Hillary Clinton for her advancement as a woman but who isn’t necessarily on the bandwagon for her to become President someday because of her stances on and handling of quite a few issues. I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid, but I’m not a hater.)

Hillary reportedly charged $300,000 for a UCLA speaking engagement, which ruffled a few feathers when it was revealed that her husband, former President Bill Clinton, charged $250,000 in 2012. Here’s why this isn’t so shocking: Before 2012, an election year, was up, Bill Clinton pretty much kept a low profile. It wasn’t until election season really kicked in and he was making campaign speeches on behalf of the Democrats and current (then incumbent) President Barack Obama that he really was back in the limelight for speaking gigs. Chances are his own price has gone up considerably since then, too.

SUNY Buffalo noted that Hillary Clinton charged them $275,000 for a speaking engagement and included demands like a $1,000 stenographer for a personal transcript. If anyone else would have done this, it could be argued that hiring a paid stenographer for a transcript was merely a very professional move on behalf of someone who takes her speaking engagements seriously and doesn’t want to repeat things and wants to note which lines resonated particularly well.

As for her other “diva demands,” Clinton demands presidential suites in luxury hotels because, well, that’s what she’s used to, and she’s also requested private jets to fly her to and from certain engagements, which isn’t too ridiculous when you consider that she’s Hillary Clinton—how many presidential hopefuls and high-powered politicians do you really see flying commercial? It’s likely more a logistical and safety concern than one of entitlement. Additionally, her backstage rider includes diet ginger ale and “crudités,” which sounds pretentious and fancy but is really just a raw veggie platter. She also requests long rectangular pillows on the onstage seats, as well as two extras backstage. Why are we so pissed at her for wanting to be comfortable and not break her diet?

Granted, I might be a bit jaded by her lack of alleged “diva demands” because I used to work in the music industry. You’d be shocked at what bands who are pretty much unheard of can require to perform: Once at a charity event benefiting Girl Scouts, a PR client band put a ton of Grey Goose in their rider, which they refused to amend. Mrs. Clinton is no diva to anyone who’s actually had to deal with real divas.

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