Former Target Exec Reveals How To Get The Best Black Friday Deals


A former merchandising executive at Target is dishing to GoBankingRates on how to get the best Black Friday deals possible. Here are some of his best tips on getting Black Friday discounts and the most bang for your buck:

Shop before dawn.
Stores are best-stocked in terms of both helpful employees and merchandise between 2 and 6 AM Thursday going into Friday, because stores are focused on replenishing shelves for the Black Friday rushes.

Leave your kids home.
They’ll only get in your way and make you spend more money. Plus, if they’re out super late or early, they’re going to get tired and fussy and make you as miserable as they’ll be.

Use the store’s retail map.
On Black Friday, lots of stores move everything away from their usual spots and have special deals at certain times for certain areas or items. If you want your trip to be quick and painless, find out where what will be and when, and use that to plan your trek.

Don’t buy electronics until after Christmas.
This tip is actually from a former Best Buy employee who really knows his stuff: Most stores use no-name or third-rate electronics discounts to lure customers in on Black Friday. Even big name brand electronics that are on sale won’t be the highest quality—often they’ll have fewer options, plastic instead of metal, etc. If you really want a bargain, wait until after the holidays to get a new TV, because that’s when retailers will put the good stuff on sale to make room for newer (and even pricier) models.

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