The Amazing Simple Principles Of A Results Only Work Environment

No one can call you a clock-watcher in a results only work environment.

No one can call you a clock-watcher in a results only work environment.

If you have a job that can be done by working remotely, you’ll probably really appreciate a results only work environment (ROWE).

The Atlantic explains it briefly and brilliantly:

ROWE in its purest form is essentially a salary-for-service model of employment. There are no vacation days. There are no “off” hours or “on” hours. There is only a defined task and a person or team who completes that task. It is up to the employees to determine how that happens, whether it’s from a coffee shop in mid-afternoon or in a closet-sized home office at 3 a.m. If the work gets done, they get paid. If it doesn’t, they get fired.

The results only work environment model appeals especially to millennials, who, what with our massive sense of entitlement want not only flexible schedules but a complete sense of control over our time. (Which is because we realize our time is valuable, considering American wages haven’t increased to match productivity levels, but whatever olds.)

Studies have shown that results only work environments reduce stress and either increase productivity or keep productivity steady—no drops here just because you hate commuting, putting on pants or listening to the heavy breathing of your cubemate. Bonus? You can get work done when you’re at your most productive instead of slugging it onto the subway and killing your high-energy hours. And your employers should appreciate a results only working environment, too, because if you do your best work from Panera at 9PM or your couch at 4AM, using those resources instead of company resources saves their bottom line.

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    • RCIAG

      Where are these places & how do I apply?!?!

      I’m a Gen Xer & I can totally appreciate this type of thinking & would love to work like this. I’ve never understood why we all still need to start work at the crack of dawn. We’re not an agrarian society anymore, why do we still feel the need to keep such a schedule?

      I hope when it’s the Milennials turn to be in charge this is much more accepted & maybe even the norm in some industries.

    • Sharmila Reddy

      good article…looking forward for more!
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