Hey Managers, Your Employees Want More Money For Christmas

christmas at the office

Bosses and companies often give little Christmas presents and holiday goodies to their employees, but it turns out that instead of trinkets, candy, wine or dinner, employees want one thing: More money. Instead of Christmas parties or Christmas presents, give the people Christmas bonuses!

CBS News reports that 27 percent of respondents in a survey by staffing company Express Employment Professionals said they would like a cash bonus for Christmas, and 13 percent would rather opt instead for pay raises. About 9 percent want some days off or shorter work hours over the holidays, while 5 percent said that gift cards would be the best.

By the numbers, here are what employers are actually giving their employees for this holiday season:

- Cash: 34 percent
- Nothing at all: 21 percent
- Gift cards: 12 percent
- Other: 7 percent
- Extra days off: 3 percent
- Tangible gifts: 3 percent
- A combination of the above: 19 percent

Here’s hoping you get what you wished for!

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