5 Tips To Survive Your Office Christmas Party


Holiday and Christmas parties at the office can be painful … but they don’t have to be. Here are a few ways to make them more bearable for everyone involved.

Dress appropriately.
Even if your office party is at a nightclub, it’s still a business outing. If you want to get a little more festive or fun than your usual Monday morning attire, that’s awesome. But if it means extra cleavage or something gynecologically short, save the sexy Santa garb for your friends’ soiree later.

Show up.
Even if you only stay for 30 minutes to an hour, showing face is a big deal.

Mix and mingle (“jingling beat” optional).
It’s human nature to stick with what and who you know, but the office Christmas party is a good opportunity to rub elbows with colleagues and higher-ups that you don’t normally get to see (and who may have insider info or connections you’re into).

Don’t talk shop.
That’s boring. Before you head inside, scan a few headlines, or even just ask who made that amazing punch.

Don’t get wasted.
Listen, I get it. You’re surrounded by people you may not want to be around and may not be too comfortable with, so some liquid courage may make conversing and mingling a little easier. But keep yourself in check. If you think you’re going to be drunk soon, call a cab and GTFO before the booze sets in and you start flashing Joann in accounting.

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