Retail Jobs Actually Aren’t The Worst

Working retail

Convinced that retail jobs are dead end jobs with no chance for advancement or paying what you deserve? Turns out, you may actually be wrong.

The National Bureau for Economic Research reports that retail jobs pay an average of 68 percent of what manufacturing jobs pay, but more than service jobs. And this part of the study (via CBS News) is actually pretty promising in terms of someone working in entry-level retail being able to move on up in the world (albeit gradually): “an entry level cashier in a Wal-Mart store earns $8.48 per hour, but a Supervisor earns $14.38 per hour. Turning to jobs that are salaried, pay rises: a Shift Manager earns $62,837 and a Store Manager earns $92,462. Wal-Mart is at the mid-point of our set of cases. Starbucks pays less; its establishments are smaller. The high-end grocery and big-box stores, of Whole Foods and Costco, pay higher wages.”

Manufacturing jobs are technically still “better” than retail jobs, but there are fewer and fewer manufacturing jobs available (way to go, outsourcing!), while the retail sector’s jobs are growing pretty steadily, and have been since the economic recovery began. Keep all of this in mind next time you act like an entitled jackass to a Target cashier, okay?

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