Millennials Are Optimistic About Student Loan Debt Forgiveness

student loan debt graduate gold

Don’t carry debt around with you! | Source: ShutterStock

College is really, really expensive, and student loans are a real bitch, but about a quarter of millennials think they won’t ever have to pay their student loans back.

NBC News reports that 24 percent of millennials expect their student loan debt to be forgiven. As of 2012, the average accumulated college graduate debt was about $27,000, so that’s a whole lot of dough owed that millennials just think will evaporate into thin air. Reports didn’t specify why millennials expected their student loans to be forgiven, but if more conservative outlets are to be believed, it’s probably because millennials are entitled, selfish, lazy brats who never, ever, ever want to get a job. Because, you know, that’s totally accurate.

Of course, whether student loan debt will actually be forgiven remains to be seen. In the meantime, you may want to become a Taylor Swift fan. I hear it’s an easy way to get a free $1,989 towards your tuition.

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