President Barack Obama Fights For Paid Sick Days


President Barack Obama: First Obamacare, now paid sick days. Righteous. | Source: ShutterStock

President Barack Obama signed a memo today requesting that Congress pass the Healthy Families Act, allowing workers to earn up to seven days (or 56 hours) of paid sick leave, either for their own recovery, to tend to a sick family member, or for doctor’s appointments or to seek counseling and help for domestic violence. obtain preventive care or deal with domestic violence, CBS News reports.

If your employer already provides paid sick leave? That’s rad, and they won’t have to change their policies about it. But more than 40 million American workers don’t have any sick leave at all, so this is potentially huge.

The move is a bit of an expansion of the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act, which grants workers the ability to take 12 weeks of time off without being fired to care for a new baby, recover from illness or injury, or care for a sick family member. It’s a big help because, well, who can afford to take 12 unpaid weeks off?

If nothing else, I’m looking forward to this bill hopefully passing so people will stay home when they’re sick. I’ve already gotten bronchitis twice from coworkers since September, and sounding like Fran Drescher with a hormonal imbalance is getting really old.

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    • RCIAG

      YASSS!!! Our county in MD is trying to pass the same thing, sick leave for everyone. They figure out new Republican Governor won’t pass it so they’ll do it at the county level.

      The worst part is at my job the people that get sick first are management & usually feel the MUST.COME.TO.WORK!! IT CAN’T GO ON WITHOUT ME!! Which should be translated as “we do better without you really.”

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