Want To Get Hired? Avoid These 10 Resume Buzzwords On LinkedIn

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Looking for a job? So are zillions of other people, and according to LinkedIn, they’re all using the same boring lingo on their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. That means if you’re one of the zillions using similar language, you don’t stand out at all. Here are the top 10 LinkedIn boring buzzwords that make employers rolls their eyes and toss your resume into their circular file before reading:

1. Motivated
Obviously. You’re applying for a job, aren’t you?

2. Passionate
Ironically, if you were actually passionate, you’d find a different word to convey that.

3. Creative
You’re not proving it.

4. Driven
Meh, see “motivated.”

5. Extensive experience
Boring. If your resume has a certain number of bullets, they already know.

6. Responsible
Stop acting like this is an accomplishment.

7. Strategic
Eh, could be worse though.

8. Track record
Get a thesaurus.

9. Organizational
Again, why is this an accomplishment? “Please hire me! I’m not a mess!” isn’t a good enough reason.

10. Expert
When a million people claim to be an expert on something, it sort of loses its value, doesn’t it? Just like how paintings go up in value after an artist is dead, too many self-proclaimed experts in any given market lower the value of each individual actual expert.

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