6 Skills Employers Want From All College Graduates


Show off your most basic skills to get a job. Great hair helps, too. | Source: ShutterStock

Just when you though a liberal arts degree was useless, a new report from the Association of American Colleges & Universities (via CBS News) shows that employers actually overwhelmingly value skills and educations from liberal arts backgrounds, with nearly 75 percent of respondents claiming that “broad learning” in the liberal arts and sciences helps give employees skills they’ll need later on in the workforce.

Out of 17 skills, employers listed the following (in order of ranking) as the most important skills when considering whether or not to hire a job candidate. The good news? You probably have all of these skills if you’re wise enough to read something like this in the first place, so good job!

Ability to effectively communicate orally
Speak properly and lose the damn vocal fry already. Seriously, it’s extremely annoying.

Ability to work effectively with others in teams
Play well with others. Especially because you’ll need them someday.

Ability to effectively communicate in writing
No text lingo, not dangling participles, no ending sentences with prepositions. You’re better than that.

Ethical judgment and decision-making
Don’t be an asshole.

Critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills
Don’t be an idiot.

Ability to apply knowledge/skills to real world settings
Have common sense.

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