6 Tips To Spend Less On Clothes Shopping

Purse Shopping

Have a go-to look.
If you have a go-to look, or a “personal uniform,” you can end up spending less on clothes and accessories as a whole because you’ll only purchase items that go along with your signature style. That means you won’t be stuck with drawers and racks of stuff you never wear because you have nothing to go with any of it.

Wait for sales.
Even if it kills you. Seriously.

Hit up discount stores.
Outlets, Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and the like are around for a reason: They’re awesome, especially for purses, staples that will last forever (like jeans or pencil skirts, button-downs, etc.), shoes and accessories.

Comparison shop.
Tools like PriceGrabber.com can help you find the best deal for whatever specific items you’re looking for.

Team up when shopping online.
I constantly fall into the trap of “Oh, I only have to spend $475 more to get free shipping!” One way to combat that is to shop online with pals and pay only one shipping charge for both of you (or none, depending on how much you all actually end up spending).

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry.
Studies show you’ll spend more, and not just on food!

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