4 Resume Mistakes That Can Kill Your Chances At Your Dream Job


Common resume mistakes include dumb things like typos, spelling errors and the like. But there are four other huge resume mistakes that can land your resume and cover letter in the circular file, as well as any shot you’d have at your job. Don’t make these!

You list too many or too few positions.
You need to tailor your resume to every single job for which you apply. That means adding or subtracting positions based on based on relevance to the one that you want. There’s no magic number for how many to list, but be reasonable and use discretion: If you got fired from a job after a month, don’t list it. If you toughed through a job you hated for a decade, list it.

You list responsibilities instead of accomplishments.
Just because you were responsible for something at your last job doesn’t mean you were great at it. You want to show your strengths, not your to-do list.

You’re too vague and overdone.
Anyone can throw keywords into a filter and come up with something. You’re not fooling anyone by using strategically placed buzzwords in your resume. What you’re actually doing is hindering yourself from standing out. Be specific about why you are a perfect fit for XYZ company, not about “delivering results” or any other cliches.

Your formatting is wonky.
Sure, it’s good to make your resume look nice. But cutesy designs and formats are secondary. Your content is what’s most important. You may love your header and you may be vain enough to include a photo of yourself on your resume even though you’re not applying for anything of aesthetic value, but know that style never replaces substance. You may get your resume noticed more quickly, but if its actual contents are crap, it won’t make a difference.

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