Thinking Of Dating A Coworker? Impress Them These 4 Ways

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As we pointed out a few weeks ago, dating a coworker isn’t a huge deal in most offices anymore, thanks to those pesky millennials. However, there are still a few complications and nuances involved with an office romance. If you’re crushing on the guy in the next cube, CareerBuilder has some advice on how to snag him (while avoiding HR issues).

Be a good worker.
A CareerBuilder study showed that a poor work ethic actually made coworkers less attractive to one another. If you let your smitten state get in the way of getting your daily tasks done, the hottie in accounting won’t think you’re so hot anymore. (Stats show that ladies are actually more likely to get turned off by a poor work ethic than guys are, with 52 percent of us saying we wouldn’t date someone with a poor work ethic, while only 28 percent of guys agreed.)

Keep your office romances to a minimum.
If you become a serial dater of your coworkers, eventually you’ll scare the last few left.

Consider your work schedules and itineraries.
About 20 percent of respondents reported that they wouldn’t want to date a coworker who travels extensively. Keep that in mind!

Don’t worry about who makes more money.
Survey respondents say they don’t give a hoot who brings home more bacon. As long as there’s bacon, you’re good. In fact, if there’s bacon, you’re probably great.

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