Yet Another Reason To Be Nice To The Support Staff In Your Office


The support staff in any office is generally a thankless position with low pay and little respect nor regard from the rest of the staff. And that’s unfortunate, because the support staff see and hear pretty much everything.

A new report from CareerBuilder and NBC News says that support staff at companies often overhear important conversations, like whispers of layoffs between managers, sweet nothings between office lovers, and even details about workers’ compensations. Basically, the support staff has the inside scoop and dirt on everyone, so aside from being nice to them for the sake of just not being a monster in general, know that they can give you a leg up and insider information you may not be able to get anywhere else.

Additionally, it should be a heads up to you to watch what you say and what you bring to work: NBC reports that a lot of support staff aren’t nosy, but the janitors who empty the trash sometimes do find things that can potentially incriminate or simply embarrass you: notes from mistresses, printouts you didn’t want anyone to see, password lists, etc.

So dude, just say good morning, thank you, and goodnight to the support staff everyday. And maybe get a paper shredder just in case.

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