3 Tips To Get A Raise And Fight The Gender Wage Gap


The gender wage gap still exists, but if more of us demanded the wages we actually deserve, we could work on closing it, albeit gradually. One way to do that? If you already have a job, ask for a raise! Here’s how to get a raise and help shrink the gender wage gap once and for all. (If the government won’t do it, we will.)

Be a mentor for subordinates.
If your boss sees you take a leadership role and notices you helping others increase their own productivity and skill set, they will take note of it and they will appreciate it. Make sure you mention it in your annual review when you ask for a raise: You didn’t just improve your own performance, but also the performance of others, which can only do your company good. Document your achievements in this area and give your underlings glowing reviews, and you’ll get them too.

Don’t give an automatic “yes” to an offer.
Do your research. Find out what the average salary is in your field. (You can use Monster’s tool if you’re not sure.) If you’re already making that, the typical raise is 5 to 10 percent per year. They’re going to low-ball you, so don’t take the first offer they throw at you. You need to high-ball them, then meet in the middle.

Bond with a more seasoned colleague.
They’ll show you the ropes and let you know what to expect when you have to ask for a raise, or can at least provide some insight on their own past experiences. Knowledge is power, so use it to your advantage.

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      “Bond with a more seasoned colleague.” Lol, this really means sexual favors.