Millennials Are Good At Getting Degrees, But Bad At Doing Work

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Oh, great.

The Educational Testing Service (ETS) released a report saying American millennials are basically the worst. While we’re super tech-savvy and really great at getting offended by things like six-year-old tweets from comedians, we’re bad at things like reading, writing and, uh, working. While millennials in America have higher and longer educations, they don’t seem to be paying off.

“A decade ago, the skill level of American adults was judged ‘mediocre,’” the report claims. “Now it is below even that. Millennials, who will form the backbone of this nation’s future, are not poised to lift us out of this predicament; in fact, the lack of adequate skills in this population has become a challenge for us to confront … The skills of our Millennials — our youngest cohort, who will be the workers, the decision-makers, and the parents of the next 40 years — will also have cascading effects on every level of society. A very real danger lies in perpetuating a cycle where low skill levels, less income, and less access to quality education will beget a further entrenchment of deep inequality, with some segments of society more at risk than others.”

Essentially, millennials are a bunch of kids who can’t read good or solve problems. That’s good news for the annoying old people who love to talk smack about us, but bad news for … us. And everyone else who’ll be under our employ someday.

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