4 Ways To Guarantee You Get A Raise

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If you think you deserve more money, you have to make your boss know you deserve more money and that you’re expecting more money. Leave her no choice but to compensate you accordingly. Here’s how to guarantee you get a raise:

1. Do your homework.
Check sites like Salary.com and Glassdoor.com to see what others in your field are making. It’s much easier to pick a number when you have a baseline to which to compare it.

2. Let your boss know in advance how much more dough you’re expecting.
Shoot her an email before meeting with her letting her know what sort of numbers you feel like you should be making. (Check sites like Glassdoor.com first to find out what others in your field typically earn if you’re unsure.) It’ll give her the initiative to look into your performance further to see if you’re up to snuff.

3. Perform well consistently.
Bosses are more impressed with someone who gives 110 percent all the time than with an employee who gives 200 percent on special projects or suspiciously close to annual reviews. Chances are your boss isn’t stupid, because if she was, well, would she have gotten as far as she has? If you want to get a raise, you have to earn a raise. Period.

4. Be patient.
Once you have salary discussions with your boss, don’t nag her afterward. It’s not like she can snap her fingers and give you a $5,000 increase—there’s a lot of channels and bureaucracy to go through in most companies. When she’s ready to let you know, she will.

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