The ONE Thing You Need Most When Asking For A Raise


If you’re asking for a raise, you’re probably nervous. In fact, studies show that most Americans are terrified to ask for a raise at all, with 89 percent of Americans reporting they think they deserve a raise, but only 54 percent reporting that they’d actually ask for one. In fact, 32 percent of respondents in a study would rather clean their houses than ask for a raise, while seven percent would prefer a root canal to salary negotiations.

A lot of people who fear asking for a raise report that the “no” is the scariest part, while others actually fear being fired for even bringing it up. (The latter is pretty unlikely for most employers, thank Heaven.)

CBS expert Hena Daniels says that the only thing you really need when asking for a raise is confidence.

Daniels explains that a strategy helps too, offering some works you can use in your annual review: “I feel like I need a raise and this is why. Here is what I have done for the company.” Daniels notes, “If it simultaneously connects with your performance evaluation, better for you.” If you sound like you believe what you’re saying, chances are your boss will too. Don’t let your voice shake!

If it doesn’t connect with your performance evaluation? Think twice before asking for a raise if and only if you can’t prove your worth. If you can and you’ve just been quiet about your successes, speak up about them. If you review is actually just terrible, then you might want to scrape by quietly until you shape up.

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