All-Women Gaming Company Makes A Feminist Misstep


After digging through some archived mail in my spam folder, I came across some press releases for Creeping With The Crudashians, which is basically an app that craps on the Kardashians disguised as some sort of feminist triumph.

Per the press release, 3 Queens, an all woman-owned, South Carolina based gaming development and publishing company, released their first mobile game Creeping With The Crudashians at the prestigious E3 Convention. 3 Queens co-founder Cara Florence says, “Although Creeping with the Crudashians is a fun and creative game in its’ own right, our goal is to also use this opportunity to inspire other women to successfully compete in a predominately male industry.” That’s a powerful feminist statement and move, isn’t it? Especially in light of GamerGate. Except, well…

The release continues, “Creeping With The Crudashians is an outrageously funny parody on America’s reality TV royal family—featuring Cym, Crusty, Lord Dickhead, Crassy, Crawley, Dumpfries, Crewellina and more.”

While it’s super rad that an all-female owned gaming and development company exists, and even more so that it seems like 3 Queens is doing well, it’s a little sad that they felt the need to tear down other successful businesswomen to promote themselves under the guise of feminism.

I’m not particularly a fan of the Kardashians myself (I’ve never seen the show and I get a little tired of seeing their names everywhere), but they basically created an empire from Kim Kardashian having a skeevy ex release a sex tape. The Kardashians created something hugely successful out of something awful. Instead of hating on them, which is pretty easy and trite to begin with, why not respect and admire that kind of hustle and business savvy and use it to create something a little more interesting than a mean-spirited copy of their own app?

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    • charlotte

      i don’t particularly like the kardashians either, how is a game thatis shitting on other women supposed to “inspire other women”?