7 Ways To Nail A Video Job Interview

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The video job interview is more common now than ever. While most job interviews are still done in person or over the phone, if you have to relocate for your job or speak to a higher-up who’s overseas or on-location elsewhere, a video job interview may well be in your future. Here’s how to look and sound amazing to nail down your dream job.

1. Dress up. A video job interview is like being in person, except you can’t smell your future boss’s breath. Make sure you look just as professional as you would if you were going to her office.

2. Get your lighting right. Test with Skype’s preview functions before your call to make sure you’re not completely backlit, which will make you look like a shadow of yourself instead of a person. Overhead lighting is generally unflattering, but it’s better than being backlit. If you have any lamps at face-level, turn them up.

3. Adjust your makeup. Again, preview what you look like on Skype. Because of lighting and cameras, it’s advisable to rock a little eyeliner or extra blush and bronzer to look alive for your job interview despite crappy lighting and connections.

4. Test out your technology way in advance. You don’t want a malfunctioning camera or microphone 10 minutes before your scheduled e-meeting. Test your wares out at least a week before and again the night before your job interview so you can be sure everything is in working order when the time comes.

5. Listen to your voice on a recording. Most of us don’t realize how our voices sound to other people, because when we hear ourselves, we’re hearing our voices through the vibrations of our own body. You may be shocked to hear what you sound like through a microphone, so if you find you need to ditch the vocal fry or adjust your pitch, it’s better to try that out early instead of falling in and out of weird habits during your interview.

6. Clean house. You want your work area to look clean, uncluttered and professional. Even if it means tossing everything you don’t need into a drawer or hiding it under your desk, do what you can to make your home office look like a place you work instead of a place where you eat Cheetos and dick around on Facebook.

7. Warn your roommates and lock your door. The last thing you need during a job interview of any kind is someone forgetting their towel when they shower and walking by naked.

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