7 Ways To REALLY Unplug On Vacation

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Guest blogger Sarah Landrum of Punched Clocks gives some insight on how to actually enjoy your vacation.

1. Do a digital detox. A detox usually uses food to cleanse your body of different toxins. In this specific case, a digital detox can be used to help you take a break from the nagging rings and dings of your digital devices. Turning off your phone before bed and getting dressed and ready before checking social media are all preferred approaches to managing your digital diet, but while on vacation a complete cold turkey quit could be in order.

2. Plan ahead of time to be unreachable. A great way to do this is to make a plan before you go on vacation to be unreachable. Prepare to take care of any deadlines prior to your period of hiatus and make sure everyone knows that you will not be calling them back until you return.

3. Only use your phone in dire emergencies. I know some of you out there are just shuddering at the fact that you won’t have a phone and won’t be connected for a period of time, but fear not. Using a phone for essential but limited communication is the answer. This doesn’t mean you can sneak phone calls to the office.

4. Take a camping trip in a remote location. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to go off the grid, and there is no better way to accomplish this than by camping in a remote location. There are a number of fantastic road trip destinations where you can pitch a tent to unwind. I recommend bringing a real flashlight since you may not have anywhere to charge your phone—you know, that phone you have for emergencies only.

5. Buy a real book to read. The smell and feel of paper is sometimes worth the cost of a real book, and taking one on your vacation allows you to eliminate all electronics, including your e-reader. This is a wonderful chance to totally lose yourself in a novel and your eyes won’t even get tired.

6. Buy a disposable camera. I remember the days of those old Polaroid cameras—an instant memory. Most people now use their phones or other digital devices for photos, which keeps us really connected to these gadgets. Well, next time you go on vacation plan to use a disposable camera to get those wonderful pics. This will help you keep your digital detox on track.

7. Keep your promise to unplug! One of the biggest challenges with unplugging is letting go of these devices that are such a huge part of our everyday life. If your goal is to detox or go on digital hiatus—keep that promise to yourself, and let your loved ones hold you accountable to it.

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