Al Roker Learns The Dangers Of Reply-All The Hard Way

Al Roker

Yikes! According to a report from Page Six, Al Roker lost his relatively new position at The Weather Channel over a reply-all email gaffe.

Roker’s latest project with The Weather Channel, Wake Up With Al, was reportedly canned after he got into a heated email exchange with his boss … that went public within the company when he replied all instead of just writing back to his higher-up individually.

Page Six writer Richard Johnson says that Roker wanted to cover the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina from New Orleans, but his boss, David Clark, wanted him to speak about Tropical Storm Erika—even though Roker pointed out that Erika wouldn’t even make it to Florida. (Roker was right.)

Per Johnson: “Viewers aren’t stupid. They can see when potential landfall is,” Roker wrote in an e-mail to Clark and other Weather Channel execs, according to the Web site NewsBlues.
Clark replied, “If you disagree with a decision you are welcome to speak up . . . but this is out of line and not how we do things here.”
Roker shot back — with the other execs still cc’d on the e-mail — “Really David. You want to try and spank me in front of people.”

Moral of the story? Always, always doublecheck that you didn’t hit “reply all.” In fact, maybe just never use reply-all period, because you’re inevitably going to piss someone off, because, well, not everyone needs to see your “Thanks so much! This is so great!” ass-kissing all the time when they’re busy doing actual work.

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