4 Mentors Every Millennial Woman Needs

1025 mentor

Having a mentor is a great thing. Having multiple mentors is even better, because, well, aren’t you a multi-faceted person? Here are four mentors every millennial woman should have in her corner to help climb the ranks.

1. The “way back when” mentor. Whether it’s your dad, your first boss from your high school barista job, or a middle school English teacher or family friend you adore, having someone who’s known you basically forever is a big help: They can help in the form of a cheerleader when you need the extra boost of confidence before a job interview or annual review, as well as an adviser. (This person doesn’t have to be in the same field, either. They just need to love you.)

2. The e-mentor. This is a mentor you never even have to meet in the flesh: She can be an inspiring tweeter, Oprah, or anyone who gives an incredible TED Talk. When you need a boost, inspiration, or just a break from the monotony of your spreadsheets, head on over to her page and get what you need.

3. The polar opposite mentor. Having a mentor whose job is completely different from yours seems pointless, but they can open your mind to new ideas as well as to what sorts of things are universal across all areas of employment.

4. The insider mentor. Whether or not this mentor is in your field, if she’s in your company and has been there for a while, she can help you navigate company benefits and perks that human resources may not be so clear about—and chances are she knows where the best lunch spots are near your office.

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