7 Basic Job Interview Tips That You’re Probably Forgetting


If you have a job interview coming, you’re probably aware of the major things you need to do: Dress well, draft a resume, wash your hair, practice your responses to the usual droning questions. But there are a few important job interview tips that are so basic and that should be common sense … but that hiring managers report applicants still screw up constantly. Be sure to have or do all of these things before you sit down across from your future boss.

1. Bring a resume. So many people know to update their resumes, but they forget to take one along.

2. Silence your phone. And don’t take it out during the interview!

3. Don’t bitch about previous employers. Even if your potential employer asks why you left, do not badmouth your old boss or workplace, even if he or it were truly awful. You’ll only look bitter and petty. Instead, explain how you made the best of whatever crappy situation you were in and move it along.

4. Pee before you arrive. Don’t make them wait.

5. Look up directions and how long it will take to get there before you leave. Then give yourself an extra 15 minutes. It’s always better to be early than to be sweaty and disoriented because you got lost in the concourse.

6. Know how to spell and pronounce your interviewer’s name correctly. If that means sweet-talking a receptionist or assistant, so be it.

7. Toss your gum, latte, or whatever other edible you’re toting, chewing, or slurping. It looks super unprofessional and puts you at risks for spills, stains, or other unfortunate events.

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