4 Ways To Keep Taylor Swift From Ruining Your Wedding Video

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Taylor Swift made headlines once again for her team’s fervent obsession with copyrighting everything imaginable about her, her image, her music, or anything else that could possibly be related to her name. This time, they went after a couple who danced to her song “Shake It Off” in their wedding video.

The entire video is muted now after Swift’s handlers claimed the DJ playing the song once during the entire wedding violates Swift’s attempts to abuse capitalism and “art” for her own gain. No other artists whose music played during the wedding video filed any complaints.

The muted video can be seen below:

A few things to note:

This is a wedding between two women. Taylor Swift never spoke out in favor of gay marriage until it was already legalized, perhaps due to an overwhelming fear of pissing off her original conservative Christian country fanbase. “Shake It Off” was only a part of an over-20 minute long video. The newlyweds made no money from this. In fact, they paid for it to be made.

That said, if you don’t want Swift and her team to destroy your wedding video, here are a few tips.

1. Make your video private. YouTube and Vimeo have settings that allow you to upload videos that can only be viewed with password protection or if someone is given a direct link. It won’t show up in search results, but those who you want to be able to view it will be able to see it.

2. Get hard copies made on DVDs. Your videographer should be able to do this without a problem. If you upload it online and some monster forces you to remove all your audio, you’ll still have a backup copy.

3. Get better taste in music. Seriously, “Shake It Off” is garbage. This isn’t to say Swift isn’t a capable musician—she has plenty of legitimate, well-written earworms. This one just happens to be really terrible.

4. Don’t make a wedding video. I hate to be the one to break this to you, but no one wants to watch this except you and maybe your mom. In a few years you’re much more likely to fondly flip through a photo album than to sit through 20 minutes of self-indulgent film.

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      Obnoxious that Taylor did this, but even more obnoxious “tips” about wedding videos. Rude of the author to say the couple or video creator has poor taste in music and the author isn’t the brightest brick by thinking wedding videos are dumb. Wedding videos are one of the best ways for the bride and bride or bride and groom or groom and groom to reflect on one of their most special days ever. Also, fancy proposals and wedding videos are getting millions and millions of views online. Weird, huh? Makes you think maybe people enjoy weddings and stuff.