8 Ways To Survive Black Friday Shopping

Confessions of a Shopaholic Clip

Black Friday isn’t easy, and for most of us it isn’t fun. If you’re sadistic enough to go out today, be prepared.

1. Don’t bother showing up too early. Most “doorbusters” aren’t worth it. Seriously. Get some extra sleep and head out later in the day when it’ll be less crazy.

2. Bring a friend. Keep each other sane while waiting on line.

3. Have a list and a plan. You don’t want to spend an entire day at the mall, especially not on Black Friday. Make a list before you leave of specific items you need that are on sale and plan your route around the mall accordingly. Stick to it! If you don’t, you’ll spend more than you saved.

4. Don’t buy electronics. A close friend of mine used to work for an electronics retailer. You know how you think you’re getting a $2,000 TV for $300? You’re actually getting a $150 TV for $300. Black Friday models are usually poorly made, cheaper, and defective, and many have shorter warranties.

5. Keep your blood sugar levels steady. Being hangry makes everything worse and can lead to brawls over the last 70 percent off sweater. Don’t be that person.

6. Clip coupons before you leave. If you don’t, you’re missing out on even bigger discounts than just the Black Friday sales. (If you’re lucky enough to have a November birthday like me, scour through your emails for promotional coupons for that, too.)

7. Be kind to shop workers. Seriously, they’re doing the Lord’s work today and none of them want to be there. Don’t make their jobs any harder than they need to be.

8. Stay home. Cyber Monday is coming and your pants probably don’t fit. Why bother leaving the house?

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