Fired? 8 Changes to Make Right NOW


You just got fired. It sucks. It hurts your ego, it hurts your wallet, it hurts your view of the future. But it doesn’t have to murder your bank account. Here are a few easy lifestyle changes that can make your time between jobs less traumatic to your savings account.

1. Cut any unnecessary bills. Listen, you got fired. You need to occupy yourself with something productive, and you need to do it for free. Do you need Hulu, Netflix, Apple TV and cable? No. In fact, you don’t really need any of them. You don’t need a gym membership if you can do pushups in your living room. You can get magazines at the library. Get the idea?

2. Cut your cell phone bill. Check your contract. If you can haggle, haggle. If you can’t and there isn’t a huge cancellation fee on your contract, break it and get a no-contract provider or a burner to tide you over until you have more income coming in.

3. Cut your grocery bill. Buy generic items. Shop at discount stores. Use coupons, especially in stores where they’re doubled.

4. Change your mode of transportation. If you have a partner who’s out of work, or if you’re out of work, put one of your cars on parking insurance to save money and use just one car to get to work. Parking, insurance, tolls, and gas are pricey.

5. Make sure you have an emergency budget. Seriously, we tell you this all the time.

6. Cut your retirement savings. With the exception of a Roth IRA, stop putting money away for retirement until you get hired somewhere else.

7. Do your homework and make yourself more marketable to employers. Update your resume, your LinkedIn page, and your networking contacts. Use your free time to improve your skills and develop new ones.

8. Apply for unemployment. Duh. You’re entitled to that money. Get that money.

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