5 Reasons Everyone Judging This Christmas Photo Is Dumb

Source: TheBossMum

Source: TheBossMum

The above photo of a Christmas tree surrounded by presents, posted by Instagram user @TheBossMum27 (real name Emma Tapping) to her then-258 followers, went viral. Why? Because a lot of ignorant, jealous people counted the nearly 300 Christmas gifts under her tree and got mad about it. These people, the same ones who waited in lines and brawled over inflated-priced flatscreens on Black Friday, accused Tapping of being a materialist, shallow monster, among other more sexist things.

Here’s what these people missed.

1. Tapping’s money is not your business. How this woman decides to spend her own cash is her business and her business alone. You don’t have to like it, because it doesn’t concern you. Take several seats.

2. Tapping has a blog about saving money. Because Tapping is careful with her cash, she may have more handy to spend come Christmas time. Why is that a bad thing? Maybe if more people took her advice, they’d have more illustrious trees, too.

3. If you’re slut-shaming Tapping for her Instagram photos, you’re the problem. So what if she shows cleavage on her personal Instagram? You can be attractive and still be a good mom. You can be a sexual person and still be a good mom. You can be hot and have a lot of people be jealous of you and still be a good mom. Seriously people, shut up.

4. If you’re judging Tapping based on this photo, you’re as shallow as you claim she is. You’re literally judging a woman based on one photo (or in the case of her slut-shamers, one Christmas photo and a few other selfies). You don’t know her, and her life isn’t your business. She doesn’t care about you. That might make you upset, but it’s true. She’s too busy clipping her coupons, counting her cash, and wrapping her kids’ gifts to care that you hate her.

5. You don’t know her at all. Who knows how much charitable work she does? Who knows who those gifts are for and that she’s not bringing them to a shelter somewhere? Mind your business, focus on yourself, and shut up. By making one woman’s happy holiday turn into a viral flame war, you’re not spreading your own cheer, but vitriol that literally does no one, least of all yourself, any good. Get some help.

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