5 Questions To Never Ask On A Job Interview


If you’re on a job interview, chances are at some point your potential employer will ask you if you have any questions. You should have some questions (more on that later), but if you’re on a job interview, you should never ask these questions in particular. Thank Reddit for a few of these whoppers:

1. “We had a software engineering candidate come into the office, look around, and say, ‘It’s a sausage fest in here, where are the women?’” Uh, there are a few reasons this is bad, in case you’re really oblivious. One, there’s a sexist tone. Two, if you’re a guy or a woman, you shouldn’t sound like you’re on a job interview to scope out another place to potentially get laid. Three, if you really must know why there are so few women in your workplace, use more sophisticated language: “Are you an equal opportunity employer?”

2. “I’m a technical recruiter and I usually start the inappropriate conversation … almost. I open the door a crack and see what happens. Hey stupid, it’s a test!” Ugh, really? Your potential boss is not your bro. Don’t ask about drug testing. Just assume the answer is yes and put the bong down for a few damn weeks until you get hired.

3. “What job is this for again?” Listen, if you couldn’t even be bothered to look up what job for which you applied, you don’t deserve that job, and you won’t get that job. If you’re on a job interview and are genuinely confused about what your role in the company would be, ask your interviewer, “What’s a typical day like here?”

4. “What are the vacation days like here?” Worry about your first day before you even think about your first day off. If you have travel plans that you made ahead of your hiring, wait until you start signing paperwork to mention it—and let them know if you can or can’t reschedule.

5. “How did I do?” I understand that you may be from a generation that got participation trophies, but don’t expect a pat on the back for not falling on your face. You’ll know how you did if and when you get a call back.

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