10 New Year’s Resolutions To Make More Money In 2016

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New Year’s Eve is almost upon us! Follow these New Year’s resolutions in 2016 to finally get that promotion and pay bump that you deserve.

1. Update your resume and CV, even if you’re not looking for a new job. You accomplished more in 2015 than you realized. You won’t realize it unless you sit and ponder it. Put it in writing and use it at your annual review if you don’t plan on leaving your current job anytime soon.

2. Make use of LinkedIn. I got recruited so many times in 2015 from head hunters and employers on LinkedIn. If your profile is full and stands out well, you will too—depending on what business you’re in, of course.

3. Know your worth. Use PayScale or Glassdoor to find out your median salary for your position, location, and industry. You won’t know if you’re getting ripped off if you don’t do your research.

4. Maximize your tax deductions. It’s not as if the government spends your money wisely, so stop giving them more than you need to.

5. Donate wisely. Use Charity Navigator to make sure you’re not paying for a “nonprofit” CEO’s private jet.

6. Ask for a raise. You deserve it (see point 1).

7. Negotiate your salary. Seriously, it’s not as scary as you think it is. And if you think it’s that scary, you might just not be cut out for business. Fortune favors the bold in more ways than one.

8. Use your vacation days. Take a me-day, or a me-week, whether it’s on your couch or on an island somewhere.

9. Pick up a side gig that isn’t in direct sales. Sorry, but nail wraps and makeup and Tupperware aren’t sustainable strategies for income. Opening your own Etsy shop, selling art on Fiverr, or even just helping tutor your neighbor’s kids after school are safer bets with a lot less potential for drama.

10. Know your worth. It’s more than you think.

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