5 Things To NEVER Do After Getting A Raise

Break these speaking habits to sound smarter, more confident and more worthy of a raise! | Source: ShutterStock

Congratulations on getting a raise! Now that you got the raise that you so rightly deserve, there are a few things to keep in mind. Doing any of these things after getting a raise may prevent you from getting one ever again.

1. Don’t brag about your raise to your coworkers. While pay transparency is awesome and “pay secrecy” can illegal, that doesn’t mean your bosses necessarily want all your colleagues knowing that you got a raise. The potential for drama is strong, from jealous coworkers (“Why did Janice get a raise when I’m so much better than she is at PowerPoint?!”) to office gossip (“What exactly do you think Janice did to get a raise? Or who?”). The ways it can backfire outweigh the possible benefits, so keep that cute trap of yours shut.

2. Don’t forget to update your tax information. Depending on how big your raise is, you may be in a higher tax bracket. Be sure to update your records (and your accountants’) to reflect the change.

3. Don’t blow your hard-earned cash. Of course you should treat yourself every once in a while, but the only way to accumulate wealth is to not squander it. Stay within your past means.

4. Don’t neglect your IRA, 401K, or emergency funds. You should increase your contributions to each match your new salary.

5. Don’t act like an entitled brat at work. Remain professional and keep excelling at your tasks instead of behaving as if it’s about time your boss noticed your contributions. Surpassing her expectations will ensure you get another raise down the road.

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