The Best Music To Boost Your Productivity


Science has determined what the best music is to listen to while you’re working to maximize your results. Good news: One of the criteria is simply that you should like the music you’re listening to…but it should never be too loud, because that’ll just distract you from whatever you’re doing. Aside from what’s already in your playlist, what music should you listen to in order to make the most of your workday?

Nature sounds. My boss swears by white noise like rain, gentle breezes, and the like, and he’s onto something: Science says nature sounds can improve concentration and general happiness at work.

Bass-heavy tracks. If it makes you want to drop it low, chances are it can also make you kick ass at the office. One study showed that Queen’s “We Will Rock You,” 2 Unlimited’s “Get Ready for This,” and 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” are all the most empowering. If you feel like you can whoop ass, you will—at spreadsheets and stuff, of course.

Tempos that match your mood. If you want to be energized, uptempo tracks (think Lady Gaga) are your go-to. If you want to relax, listen to something more mellow (think Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett).

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