15 Genius Organization Ideas to Help You Fit an Office Anywhere


Guest blogger Sarah Landrum of Punched Clocks is here to help you make a super-organized office, no matter where you happen to be working.

Whether you’ve resolved to get your health back on track, read more novels or tackle your ever-growing bucket list, organizing your personal space to ramp up your efficiency is an absolute necessity. An organized work environment gives you an organized mind, and what better way to start fresh in 2016 than with a new home office put together specifically for your needs?

Don’t worry, you won’t have to undertake a massive “reno” project to turn an already-existing space into your perfect home office. Small studio? No problem. Awkward space under the stairs? Piece of cake. You can even repurpose a small closet as a hideaway office.

Whatever the space you have available to you, there’s a solution to help you to find the “workspace” that not only suits your productivity needs, but also doesn’t upset the relaxing environment that is home. This list has some ingenious tips and tricks that can transform any space from cluttered and useless to chic and productive. With so many possibilities, you’ll be more than ready to take on whatever the new year has to throw at you.

1. Daily Task Command Center

Turn your entryway into your own personal command center. As you’re coming and going during your day, you’ll have all your most important documents, keys and to-dos in one place, without sacrificing any of your relaxation space. The convenient bins also give you the option to pull the work up to the couch if you so choose. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Make Your Workspace Appear & Disappear as Needed

You may be someone who requires a bigger space for your work or craft projects. This Murphy bed table folds up and down easily and is the perfect solution for small spaces. Use the shelves and drawers for all of your materials, pens, pencils, etc. You can even get creative and organize each with various glass jars to keep it neat and give it some flair. (via Sortra)

3. Utilize That Tricky Space Under the Stairs

Have a lofted condo and are unsure of what to do with that weird space under the stairs? Transform it into your own personal alcove with built-ins or a mobile option with Ikea’s selection of drawer units. You’ll be able to find the color and style you want, and you’ll be able to change it up easily. (via Dwell)

4. Your Very Own “Corner Office”

Create your very own “corner office” by putting to use the nooks and crannies of all the structural elements of your apartment. These columns often seem like a waste of space, but a simple table, chair and desk lamp can set you up with the perfect spot for at-home work catch-up — or for planning your next adventure. Reserve your “corner office” for travel planning and fill the bulletin boards with pictures of your next bucket-list locations. (via Apartment Therapy)

5. Have Your Table Moonlight as a Desk

Not willing to sacrifice your furniture completely for workspace? Look no further. This piece is functional as a decorative table but moonlights as a desk whenever you need some extra space to set down all those tasks for this year. Its trestle table design also has that popular industrial chic feel, so you won’t sacrifice any style here. (via PB Teen)

6. A Book Lover’s Best-Kept Secret

Who said storing files had to be boring? Partner up your important docs with your favorite reads and enjoy a comfy place to relax, work or tackle that list of best-sellers you’ve been itching to read since last year. (via Martha Stewart)

7.  Repurpose That Closet

There are several genius ideas you can consider to transform your closet — think repurposing that weird linen closet in your dining area. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in option, consider both an office/closet mix to maximize storage, space and privacy. (via Lacquered Life)

8. Hide Your Desk Among Your Favorite Reads

You’ll have your library at your disposal for quick reference checks, plus the perfect writing surface with this sliding tabletop. Add in a stylish desk lamp to the bookshelf for a personal touch. It can play double-duty as your light source when working. (via Lonny Magazine)

9. Make Your Utility Space a Multitasking One

You’re already going to be taking care of necessary chores here anyway. Why not make it your multi-tasking workstation? You can tweak that presentation while you wait for the wash to finish without missing a beat. (via HGTV)

10. Divide and Conquer

You may also be the type of person who requires separate space to be productive but doesn’t have the luxury of extra rooms to do so. Carve out your own nook with a stylish and crafty divider. It will give you the feeling of seclusion you need without an extra room, as well as a cute place to store your items. (via HGTV)

11. A Rollaway Option

Maybe you aren’t keen on a permanent home office set-up. An interesting take on a mobile desk is this option that could be used for any number of things — even a mobile dining table. Bonus feature: You can store it next to your bike as well, freeing up your living space. (via TheMAG)

12. Organization Central

Take over a pair of cabinets in your bedroom, kitchen or living room and make them your organization hub. You can sort all your papers into labeled cartons, as well as store books, scissors, pens, etc. Everything you need will be at your fingertips, always in its place. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

13. Create a Wall of Ideas

Are you more of the creative type that likes the big picture? Use some simple chalkboard paint and bulletin boards to transform one of your walls into your very own wonder wall. You can lay out ideas and add or erase as needed. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

14. Lazy and Productive Go Together

Your lazy spot on your window seat can also serve a dual purpose. Consider shortening it a bit to make a small end table addition. You’ll not only be able to work at your favorite window spot, but when it comes time to relax, it can also be used as a utility table to hold food or beverages while you race through your latest novel. Added drawers beneath give you supply storage, and cute throw pillows complete the homey/functional ensemble. (via The Jungalow)

15. Kitchen Confidential

If you spend most of your time in the kitchen, these hidden doors will allow you to keep all the most important things close at hand, without taking away from the overall design of the space. It’s perfect for key storage, weekly tasks, to-dos and even some fun little love notes tucked away for someone else to find. (via DIY and Crafts)

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