10 Ways To Make Flying Easier


Flying doesn’t have to be a headache. Here are ways to make flying a lot easier so all you have to worry about are potential turbulence and delays!

1. Pack light.
Chances are you won’t wear everything. A simple LBD can look like a week’s worth of different outfits with different accessories or accents (a belt, a statement colorful necklace, a denim jacket). Bring pieces you can mix and match with layering, and wear your bulkier pieces for your flight.

2. If the airline tells you to check a bag, check the damn bag.
On a recent flight, airline employees warned passengers that there wouldn’t be room for everyone’s carry-on luggage and that some bags would have to be checked. When an airline says that, trust that they’re not just being dicks. A few stubborn people on said flight delayed takeoff while flight attendants scrambled to find space for their stuff.

3. Don’t douse yourself in fragrance.
Some people (like me!) are sensitive to too much or too strong scents, even if they’re pleasant. Avoid triggering migraines and allergic reactions from everyone around you when flying and just pack a travel-size scent for when you land.

4. Wear deodorant.
Sure, perfume can give me a headache, but I’d take that over the white guy with dreadlocks in front of me right now who smells like he hasn’t showered since the original Woodstock.

5. Save space on your beauty regimen.
Use makeup removing face wipes and a bar soap (I dig African Black Soap or plain old Neutrogena) to avoid checking liquids while still avoiding foundation streaks on hotel pillowcases and clogged pores. Use multitasking makeup (think sticks for eyes, lips, and cheeks like Nars the Multiple) and using an eyeshadow quad’s darkest shade as liner to save precious purse space.

6. Don’t waste money on certain travel sized items.
When you look at the unit prices for travel sized deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, or lotion, you’ll realize you’re being ripped off. Head over to the dollar store and fill 3 ounce bottles with the stuff you already have at home. (Obviously, toothpaste is different. Good luck repackaging that.)

7. Fill out any paperwork you have in advance.
Think online check in, customs forms, etc. Seriously, you’re not just making your own life easier, but also the lives of TSA agents and every poor schmuck stuck behind you in line.

8. Maximize your productivity.
My flight today was delayed, so I wrote this. Bring a book (or start writing your own). Draft that thank you email to your old mentor or an encouraging missive to your niece. Or just catch up on your sleep.

9. Come prepared for discomfort.
Chewing gum can help if your ears pop. Dramamine or ginger ale can alleviate nausea. Headphones can drown out the poor screaming baby or snoring guy next to you.

10. Remember that your problems are strictly limited to the first world.
If you can afford to fly, be thankful.

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