Job Hunting? 3 Things That Matter More Than Your Resume

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Your resume probably gets a slew of attention whenever you’re gearing up to find a job: Updating, revamping, reformatting, even completely rewriting if you’re going into a different industry or field. But it turns out, your resume actually may not be what gets you hired anymore. In fact, some employers say that these three assets matter much more than your work history on paper.

1. Your cover letter. I can’t stress this enough: A good cover letter can make or break a career opportunity. Don’t submit the same generic fill-in-the-blanks garbage for every job, because then you won’t get anyone to call you. Employers know when you’ve taken the time to get to know them, do your homework, and how badly you really want the specific position at their company. If it’s clear you’re throwing a bunch of applications out and seeing what sticks, you won’t impress anyone.

2. Your Twitter account. Your social media presence is more important than ever before. One employer told The New York Post, “The resume may get a two-second look, and the cover letter and Twitter profile gets a good minute, two minutes — however long it takes. Is what [he or she is] posting in line with what we’re creating, with a similar voice and style? We want people who really get it.”

3. Your personality. This is something employers can garner from not just your cover letter and social media presence, but also in person. Your interview performance, whether you gel with the rest of a company’s staff, and even little things (your outfit, whether or not you’re chewing gum or have B.O.) make a much bigger impact than a list of accomplishments. That said, don’t slack on your resume either, especially if you’re applying for a job at a large corporation—they’re more likely to require it!

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