Valentine’s Day: Love Is Expensive, You Guys

RetailMeNot revealed just what the cost of love can be. On Valentine’s Day, the cost of love is pretty high. Here, see what to expect this Sunday in terms of romance and how hard Cupid is going to hit your wallet.

Courtesy of RetailMeNot

Courtesy of RetailMeNot

Some extra stats:

Based on how they met the person, data revealed the average amount consumers would be willing to spend on a first date:
· Mobile-dating app (e.g. Tinder or Bumble): $19.20

· App that links you up with mutual friends (e.g. Hinge): $23

· Online dating site (e.g. $24.30

· In a social setting (e.g. bar): $35.20

· Through work, among those employed: $44.40

· Through mutual friends or relatives: $46.10

Valentine’s Day expectations:
· Dinner, please: 52% of people expect a meal

· Sexual healing: 51% foresee sex in their February 14 future

· A Hallmark holiday: 44% expect a physical card

· How sweet: 36% expect candy or chocolate

· Love in bloom: 34% expect flowers

· Bling, bling: 17% expect jewelry

· Digital devotion: 17% expect a text message

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