17 Times President Barack Obama Was Pretty Awesome

In honor of Presidents Day, celebrate with President Barack Obama’s best GIFs. For real though, what a guy.

1. When he told you to deal with it.

obama 1


2. When he  didn’t hide his disdain for your stupidity.

obama 2

3. When he picked Joe Biden for VP.

obama 3

4. When he showed his appreciation for you.

obama 4

5. When he was deep in thought.

obama 5

6. When he was in on the joke.

obama 6

7. When he inspired us.

obama 7

8. When he made us believe in love.

obama 8

9. When even Boehner couldn’t deny his skills.

obama 9

10. When he let loose.

obama 10

11. When he embraced his handsomeness.

obama 11

12. When he was in on the joke again.

obama 12

13. When he stopped GAF about Congress.

obama 13

14. When he got emotional.

obama 14

15. When he dropped the mic.

obama 15

16. When he didn’t entertain your nonsense.




obama 16


17. When he referenced Blackish.

obama 17

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